Home Bar Inspiration
One of the most riveting questions after how to build your home bar is where to place your at-home bar. Frankly, there is no perfect location to place your home bar because it all boils down to the size of your home bar itself and your preferred and convenient location, but there are a couple of options around the house to choose from and this guide attempts to list them all.

  • Basement. The basements of your home are sometimes the go-to location to place home bars. Firstly, basements are sometimes the most unproductive portion of the home acting like a storage facility like your attic, so it might be a good idea to turn this space into something more productive – like placing your home bar. Secondly, placing your home bar in the basement will keep your kids and pets at bay because you can just lock the door to prevent them from entering your hidden sanctuary.
  • Game Room. A game room or entertainment room is the second best option. If you have a spare room or even a bedroom at your home, you can convert it to a game room. For a man, a game room would typically include a large screen television or a projector, a good sound system, and a foosball table. Include a home bar in the equation and you’ve got this great dedicated space to relax and enjoy the night.
  • Living Room. The living room is the next best option to host your home bar, though you may be a little bit limited especially if you have space constraints. Remember that your living room also serves as the centerpiece where your family and friends can gather and have meaningful conversations even without liquor. Having a large home bar at making it seem like your living room is a home bar room itself is a no-no. But the good thing is you have an entertainment system ready to get your groove on if you decide to have your home bar in your living room.
  • Kitchen. The last option to place your home bar is in the kitchen. Some kitchens are very limited in space unless you are a super-rich dude with a cooking range made for a Michelin-starred restaurant, and because of that, you might want to avoid placing your home bar in the kitchen as much as possible. But the upside on this is you can easily get food to pair with what you’re drinking.

Just reiterating, there is no perfect location to place your home bar. The size of your home bar plus your preference will greatly influence the decision process. So take into account those two factors when reading this guide.